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Air Malta to be Dissolved and Replaced with New Carrier

by Matt Falcus

290 millMalta’s historic national airline, Air Malta is to be closed down and dissolved later this year, it has been revealed in an exclusive article in The Shift News.

In a move much like that which was seen in Italy, with the dissolving of Alitalia and new airline ITA created to become the national carrier, the Maltese airline will be closed down with some of its assets retained to help form a new national airline for the island nation.

The plan has been drawn up by the Malta government to address long-standing issues with profitability, debt, and increasing competition from other airlines.

Previously, a bid to rescue Air Malta with €290 million in state aid had been proposed, and still not yet discounted. However, it is considered likely to not be approved by Brussels, which leaves no other option than to close the airline and start again.

Air Malta retro 9H-AEI (c) Erik Ritterbach

Air Malta can trace its founding to 1973, with a long history of serving the island through scheduled and charter services.

Its fleet previously comprised Boeing 720B, 727-200, 737-200/300/400 and Avro RJ70 types amongst others.

AP-AMG B.720 Air Malta EMA 01-08-1977

Air Malta Today

Today Air Malta has a fleet comprising the following types:

  • 3x Airbus A320-200
  • 4x Airbus A320neo

It’s main hub is at Malta Luqa airport, with destinations across Europe, and parts of Africa and the Middle East.

It is a full service airline, but naturally serves the tourist market to Malta, too.






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