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Bangkok Don Mueang Reopened – What to See

by Matt Falcus

You may have seen the incredible pictures of Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport as it recently languished under water following floods at the end of last year.

You can see some pictures of the flooding and submerged airliners at this link

Don Mueang used to be Bangkok’s main airport, until the new on at Suvanabhumi opened in 2006. For a short while it didn’t have any commercial services, but was soon back in operation with low cost domestic airlines.

Today it is served by Nok Air, Siam General Aviation and Solar Air. It is also used by Thai Airways for maintenance and storage.

It can be fairly quiet – especially compared to Suvarnabhumi – but nevertheless the airport was still achieving over 2 million passengers per year prior to the floods, and looks likely to return to that.

To get views of aircraft, the best place to head is the top floor of the car park. From here you can see aircraft parked at the terminal, and stored airliners across the field. Try not to draw attention to yourself by standing too close to the edge.

Bangkok Don Muang (and Suvarnabhumi) are covered in my book Airport Spotting Guides Far East and Australasia.


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