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8 of the Best Ways to Fly on the A380

by Matt Falcus

We had sad news last week that Airbus has decided to discontinue producing the A380 superjumbo aircraft from 2021.

This follows a downturn in the number of orders, and airlines which had previously indicated interest deciding not to pursue their orders. Even Emirates, the world’s largest A380 operator, has reduced its remaining backlog in favour of smaller A330neo and A350 aircraft.

So, with the remaining fleet set to decline once production has ceased, where can you fly on the A380s?

Here are our suggestions of the best routes that the A380 operates, and the best ways to fly on one.


Emirates Manchester to Dubai

Emirates A380

While Emirates operates A380s flights out of many of the airports on its UK network, Manchester is one of its most established. It had become the first regional airport to receive scheduled A380 service and now has up to three daily services to Dubai.


Qantas Sydney to Dallas Ft Worth

Heathrow Renaissance Spotting hotel

This was once the world’s longest flight, and is still up there with the most distant flights you can take.

It is still the longest A380 service you can fly on, and gives you the chance to sample all the A380 has to offer, as well as the legendary Qantas experience.


British Airways London to Johannesburg

British Airways A380

Find your way between the UK and the south of Africa on board one of British Airways’ flagship services down to Johannesburg.

The airline flies the A380 on the route daily, and Johannesburg is one of the few African destinations to receive A380 flights.


Air France Paris to Atlanta

Air France A380 (c) Joe Ravi

If you’re heading to Atlanta to experience one of the world’s busiest airports (maybe you want to log some Delta aircraft or stay at the Renaissance Concourse hotel), then a great way to get there is with Air France on their A380 from Paris Charles de Gaulle.

It certainly beats hopping the Pond in a 757 or 767!


ANA and Hawaii In Style

ANA A380

ANA All Nippon Airways has become the latest (and last) new airline to order and receive Airbus A380 aircraft.

It has configured them in a high-density layout and intends to use them on its routes to Honolulu, Hawaii from Japan – a major tourist market.

The aircraft are painted in fantastic schemes, depicting turtles and whales. Certainly a unique airframe to fly on!


China Southern Guangzhou to Los Angeles

B-6136 China Southern A380

B-6136 China Southern A380

The only Chinese airline to operate the A380, China Southern is known for its comfort and quality.

This route takes you from one of Asia’s fastest growing airports to the thrills of Southern California in style.


Etihad’s A380 Residence

While not confined to a particular route, perhaps the most iconic A380 flight you could take would be on Etihad’s network in their Residence cabin.

This area offers unrivalled luxury in an airliner, offering the passenger a private suite with a butler, living room, separate bedroom and ensuite shower room. It is the only three-room suite on a commercial airline, designed for two people travelling together.

Flying in the Residence can cost a lot of money, but why not try it before the A380 is retired?

Etihad currently has ten A380s, and fly from Abu Dhabi to destinations such as London Heathrow, Mumbai, Melbourne, New York, Paris CDG, Seoul Incheon and Sydney.


Malaysia Airlines to Hong Kong

One of the shortest hops operated by Airbus A380s in scheduled service is Malaysia Airlines’ link from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. This is a busy route of around 4 hours.

Ticket prices are fairly cheap, making this a great way to experience the A380 if you’re in Asia.



Which A380 routes and airlines have you flown? Are you sad that production is ending?



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