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Justplanes Releases Two Amazing New Cockpit Videos

by Matt Falcus

Justplanes.com have just released two of their best cockpit videos ever.

Focusing on some of the more modern airliners in our skies, the videos take you on over 8 hours of behind the scenes footage showing both passenger and cargo operations around the world.


Aer Lingus A321neoLR

With a married couple taking controls in the cockpit, this video allows you to follow along on two flights, between Dublin and Newark, and then returning to Dublin.

You’ll learn about the workings of this impressive modern airliner, as well as how the crews plan and operate their flights.

Here’s a trailer


Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-8

In the second video, viewers can tag along for a ride on the mighty Boeing 747-8 freighter.

Over two flights, you’ll follow along with the flight planning, freight loading, cockpit operations and crew interactions between Hong Kong and Anchorage and back.

Here’s the trailer:


How to Get the Videos

Each video is available in HD and DVD format to buy and download at the Justplanes store. It couldn’t be easier to get your copy to watch on your computer, tablet or TV. Here are the links:

Aer Lingus HD [Download Link]

Aer Lingus DVD [Download Link]

Cathay Pacific HD [Download Link]

Cathay Pacific DVD [Download Link]


Justplanes.com are great supporters of AirportSpotting, and we’d love you to show them support in return. They have an amazing array of cockpit and airport videos in their store. Check them out!





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