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Books About the 747

by Matt Falcus

Naturally there have been many books written about the Boeing 747.

As one of the most famous aircraft of all time, with a long and interesting past, there are titles on all aspects of its history, operations and operators.

Some are, of course, better than others. If you want to read into the history of the Boeing 747 in more detail, I recommend these books:


Air747 Experiencing the Passion

By Charles Kennedy and Sam Chui

Two aviation geeks with a strong love affair for the 747 wrote this book which tells the story of the 747 in a unique way. Through articles, personal reflections and some amazing photography and memorabilia displays it brings their passion for the history of this aircraft to life.

Air 747 Experiencing the Passion: Boeing s Jumbo Jet



Boeing 747 – A History: Delivering the Dream

by Martin Bowman

A comprehensive overview of the development of the Boeing 747 by a well-respected aviation writer and historian. First published in 2014, this book has been updated a number of times.

Boeing 747: A History



Boeing 747: A Legends of Flight Illustrated History

By Wolfgang Borgmann

The history of the 747’s design, development, and operational use is presented in detail in this book, as is its use by many of the world’s most famous airlines, including TWA, Pan Am, Lufthansa, Qantas, British Airways, El Al, Air France, and nearly 100 others throughout its long career. Governments and militaries worldwide have also flown the 747, for missions including ferrying NASA’s former space shuttle fleet, and the current US Air Force One presidential aircraft. Technical specifications for the 747 and its variants, as well as period photographs, bring to life the fascinating history of one of Boeing’s most iconic aircraft.

Boeing 747: A Legends of Flight Illustrated History


Boeing 747: 50 Years of an Aviation icon

By Ingo Bauernfeind

This new book looks at the history of the Boeing 747, and tells it in unique ways through interviews with former pilots and crewmembers. It looks at the different variants and the many operators of the 747.

Boeing 747: 50 Years of an Aviation icon



Boeing Metamorphosis: Launching the 737 and 747, 1965-1969

By John Fredrickson and John Andrew

Not just focusing on the 747, but its smaller sibling the 737 too, this book looks at the world of corporate decision-making, workplace gambles, and a myriad of human interactions.

John Andrew, a retired Boeing executive, offers a unique insider look at the profound changes Boeing experienced in the 1960s as the product mix shifted from military hardware to the first generation of jet-powered airliners. The requirement for more factory space was fuelled by new models and a surging worldwide demand for air travel. Massive construction projects were launched, including a newly constructed 747-sized factory on 760 acres at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. These cathedrals of airframe assembly remain vital to Boeing’s ongoing operations today.

Boeing Metamorphosis: Launching the 737 and 747, 1965-1969





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