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Flight Craft – Boeing 747 Book Review

by Matt Falcus

Arguably the most famous airliner of all time, the Boeing 747 is an air travel design classic, known for its ‘hump’ and abilities to carry hundreds of passengers around the world.

Recently the type has seen a decline in numbers, with operators retiring their aircraft. Boeing has also announced that the last ever brand new 747 will be delivered in 2022, ending over 50 years of continuous production.

In this new book from Pen & Sword, author Lance Cole tells the Boeing 747 story, targeted at aviation enthusiasts and aircraft modellers.

Part of the Flight Craft series (this is number 24), this short book has 86 pages and six chapters, all packed with colour photographs, diagrams and archive images.

While the story of the Boeing 747 is familiar to many, and has been covered in many different books over the years, this book still has a good selection of information and insights into the design of jumbo jet and its entry into service.

It also looks at the key airline operators of the Boeing 747, and all of the different variants, from the 747-100 to the final 747-8, including the short 747SP, Air Force One and the SR versions.

In the final sections it looks at the final landings of 747s by airlines like British Airways and Corsair as they retired their aircraft.

You’ll also enjoy seven pages of Boeing 747 profile images showing many of the key operators and variants that flew.


Modelling the 747

Much of this book, as with all of the Flight Craft series of books, looks at modelling the Boeing 747. This is aimed at those who like to build and paint plastic model kits, with many intricate, close-up pictures of these models to aid and inspire.

Unlike some of the other books in the series, this one doesn’t offer a step-by-step process of modelling and painting a 747 model – mainly because there are many different kit options to choose from, which are listed here.

It does also look at various diecast model 747s that are available.


Overall this is a nice, glossy, colour book on the Boeing 747 which is particularly aimed at aircraft model kit makers, giving lots of intricate information and pictures, with a good overview of the type’s design, testing and operational history.


Buy the Book

Boeing 747 – Flight Craft 24, by Lance Cole, is published by Pen & Sword with a retail price of £16.99 / $24.95.

It is out now, with 200 colour and black & white illustrations.

The book is available from all good stockists, or direct from the publisher here.







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