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Flying Firsts – A New Reference Guide to Commercial Aircraft

by Matt Falcus

We’re pleased to bring you a new resource and reference guide to commercial aircraft.

Flying Firsts, by Martyn Cartledge, is a new go-to guide for anyone with an interest in the histories of airliner types, from older generations to the latest generation types like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350, A320neo and A330neo, as well as recent types developed in China and Russia.

Listed in a month-by-month format, you’ll discover the important dates and aircraft types throughout the year.

The book includes hundreds of colour photographs to illustrate each type, and also lists important facts and statistics, as well as a history of the type, its development and introduction to service.


About the Book

  • 238 pages
  • Full colour, glossy photographs
  • All airliner types and variants since the 1930s – over 120 aircraft types!
  • Dates, statistics, facts
  • Detailed histories
  • Reference index and chronological list.
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About the Author

Martyn Cartledge is a seasoned aviation photographer and journalist. You may have seen his work in magazines like Airliner World and Airports of the World, as well as his own website.

His impressive airliner photography collection spanning 40 years is presented in this book as well as months of painstaking research into the histories of all the airliner types and variants to have graced our skies.

Here are some examples of the wonderful images in this glossy, quality book:

As well as his pictures, this is a detailed resource listing important dates, such as first flights and entry to service of all major airliners since the 1930s, including variants. Everything from the Douglas DC-1 to the  very latest Airbus A350, Beluga XL and Comac C919!

The book also includes handy reference indexes, and space for you to mark details of your own first flights on each of the types.



How to Order

Flying Firsts – A Month-by-Month Guide to Commercial Aircraft Maiden Flights is out now through Destinworld Publishing and all good stockists, RRP £14.99.

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LikelyYou.com September 4, 2019 - 6:06 pm

Anyone who has flown internationally in the last decade has probably spent some time at airports marveling at today s modern-day flying machines. From smaller, narrow-body planes to the giants of the sky, commercial aircraft are something all aviation enthusiasts  love to look at. But identifying these may be a difficult task. How can you tell the difference between two Boeing 747 s? Moreover, can you identify the subtle differences between the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families? Keep this illustrated guide handy to help you determine which aircraft you re looking at the next time you re plane spotting at the airport.


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