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Jakarta Airport FM7 Spotting Hotel

by Matt Falcus
FM7 spotting hotel

FM7 spotting hotel
A new spotting hotel has emerged at Jakarta Airport and is receiving favourable reviews from spotters who have visited.

The FM7 Resort Hotel is situated close to the end of Runway 25R, and one of the main benefits is the proximity of aircraft approaching this runway, which can be photographed quite easily.

Although the hotel is only two stories high, rooms on the top floor can be found that have good views and are not too obstructed by the surrounding trees. Some rooms also have views across to runway 25L, but SBS is necessary to identify them as they disappear behind the buildings.

The owner of the hotel is aware of the needs of plane spotters and welcomes the trade this brings. A rooftop bar is being constructed which has views of both sides of the airport, although through glass.

The hotel is in a less than ideal neighbourhood, but once inside is quite luxurious and serves good food. It also provides a free shuttle to the airport. Here’s a map of the hotel’s location.

Visit the FM7 Hotel’s webpage here: http://fm7hotel.com/

If you have visited, leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.


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Phil Greenall March 3, 2014 - 8:20 pm

Agree the hotel is well situated and also a good price. Hotel is effectively “U” shaped and the bottom of the “U” on the second floor should give good views of 25R and 25L (SBS required)
Last time I stayed there I received a phone call from reception asking me to close the curtains, which had to be explained !

Erik van Dokkum March 3, 2014 - 8:36 pm

I’ve been in this hotel with the Aeroprints South East Asia Tour. The owner invited us to come with onto the still under construction rooftop. It is very beautiful rooftop and it’s not only behind glass. You also have the possibility to go outside the bar and into open air. You can watch (and take pictures of) planes on finals for both runways (25L & 25R), although for pictures of 25L finals you need at least 400 or 500mm. You can also see planes touching down on, heading for, lining up on, taking off from & turning out to the right after takeoff from 25R.

So, to sum up,the rooftop will be for everybody, both numbercrunchers and photographers. You can stay inside the bar or go outside.

Chris September 7, 2014 - 8:00 am

Just come back from 3 days at the FM7 Resort. The management were very welcoming to spotters and allowed us to use the roof, from morning to dusk. Once finished this facility will be fantastic, the manager advised the we’re running a little bit behind schedule.

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Paul August 4, 2016 - 9:11 am

I got the Junior Suite 219 which is a corner room and has large windows and excellent views to the approach on 25R with distant views to 25L although aircraft disappear behind trees. When aircraft are taking off towards the hotel you get views of the left turning ones on 7L but they generally turn right before becoming visible when departing on 7R. The roof top bar is open 5pm to midnight but the hotel management will open the roof anytime if asked to do so. Wifi is good throughout the hotel including the roof top area.

Matt Falcus August 4, 2016 - 11:49 am

Thanks Paul, great information!

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Maria April 28, 2017 - 4:29 am

Dear PlaneSpotters,

We are happy to inform you All that one year ago we open our Montezuma Rooftop Lounge and since that we had a many plane-spotters who appreciate this place to make a great pictures of planes.
Please contact us on info@fm7hotel.com if you wish to have more information.

Kind regards,

FM7 Resort Hotel

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