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Jakarta’s Best Spotting Locations

by Matt Falcus

A trip to Jakarta can still be a very fruitful experience for aviation enthusiasts, with the busy Soekarno-Hatta International airport, the smaller Halim airport, and various other places of interest around the city.

There are still quite a few old airliners stored or derelict to see, and the many domestic airlines service the main airport alongside national carrier Garuda.


Here are Jakarta’s best spotting locations:



1. Jakarta International Waving Galleries

There are viewing galleries along the length of the domestic terminals at Soekarno-Hatta International airport which are free to enter. Each offers a slightly different view, including some glimpses over to the maintenance areas where any stored airliners can be seen.

Alternatively there is also a viewing area in the new international terminal with views over the other side of the airport.

Both sides are good for photography and logging.


2. FM7 Hotel Montezuma Lounge & Rooms

FM7 hotel view from rooms


One of the best spotting hotels at Jakarta is the FM7. Many of its rooms have good views of aircraft approaching the runway. It also has the rooftop Montezuma Lounge which is open daily from 5pm-1am, serving drinks and food. The hotel management are happy to open this earlier for spotters to enjoy the views and take photographs, however it is customary to return the favour by buying drinks etc.

Hotel website: http://fm7hotel.com/


3. Budiarto Airport

In the countryside to the south west of Jakarta, Budiarto is a general aviation airport with two runways. It also has a maintenance centre on site which handles airliners, so you’re always sure to see something interesting in residence. There are security checks on the entrance, so it’s worthwhile having someone who can drive you to viewpoints around the airport, or arrange access.


4. Taman Miniature Indonesia Indah

Douglas DC-3 Seulawah Indonesian Airways RI-001. The first Indonesian aircraft, donated by Acehnese people in 1949. Now the historic airplane is in display at Aceh pavilion, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

The Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park is a lovely space to the south of Jakarta Halim airport. Amongst its attractions is a preserved ‘Indonesia Airways’ Douglas DC-3, registration RI-001.


5. Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport

By Dmitriy Pichugin [GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

Jakarta’s original, and now second, airport. Very interesting place, with military and civil operators on site, including older transport aircraft, and an apron packed full of old stored airliners on the south side. However, Halim is difficult to spot at, and you must be careful with so many military and police officials about.

Airlines operating here include Batik Air and Citilink, so if you can arrange a flight from Halim you’ll get to see some of the aircraft whilst on board the aircraft, and from the departure lounge.

The staff college nearby has a DC-3 preserved.


6. Jakarta Abri Satria Mandala Museum

The Indonesian Armed Forces museum in downtown Jakarta, near the Four Seasons Hotel. It has a preserved Douglas DC-3 (also with serial RI-001) and other aircraft on site.


7. Lapangan Terbang Pondok Cabe Airport

A small airport to the south of Jakarta. It has a single runway and is managed by Pelita Air Services. It has some regional airline services, and is also a military airport. 

Of interest to the spotter is the selection of airliners stored, derelict or visiting for maintenance. The best place to view these is from the road running the length of the runway on the opposite side to the terminal, where aircraft can be seen through the fence.


Our thanks to the FM7 Resort Hotel for their help preparing this article.


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Dear Matt,
Thank you for mentioning our Montezuma Rooftop Lounge and FM7 Resort Hotel in your post.

Dear Plane-Spotters, Please let us know if you will be in Jakarta and we will advice you about the best options for plane watching. Our contact info@fm7hotel.com.
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Yung Chyan July 19, 2019 - 11:22 am

Dear Maria,

Can i know if i stay in FM7 Resort Hotel, do i need to pay any room-key deposit (how much)? I plan to book a room in this hotel either via Trip.com or on the hotel’s web-site. Please advise. I am interested in aircraft photography here to reduce travel costs.



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