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Perpignan Spotting

by Matt Falcus

Andy ‘Smudger’ Smith has also given a bit of information about Perpignan – a small regional airport in France just inside the border with Spain.

Perpignan is known for having a small collection of stored airliners parked very close to the road. Some are destined to be sent to new operators, whilst some have languished for many years here.

Despite being parked near the main A9 motorway, you have to come off at the exit signposted for the airport a few miles away to actually get close to them for reading off and photographing. Currently the following are stored:

5N-BFA Douglas DC-9 Sosoliso Airlines
5T-CLP Boeing 727 Air Mauritanie
F-GCGQ Boeing 727 Belair
F-GGGR Boeing 727 Belair
N359PA Boeing 727
PR-MHT Airbus A320 TAM
+ an unmarked Boeing 737-200

Flybe, Ryanair and Air France are amongst the airlines flying to Perpignan. It is very quiet for scheduled traffic.

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