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Spotting in Taiwan – Kaohsiung Airport

by Matt Falcus

Stefan Krause recently reported on his spotting trips to Kaohsiung airport in Taiwan. He has the following tips:

You can spot best from the walkway (covered) connecting the domestic and international terminal where you can see the domestic ramp, 1/4 of the international gates and the runway – though at a distance, and the International terminal blocks the view.

To check the parked JAL and another 1/4 of the Intl gates you have to exit ground floor (1st floor in Taiwan) and walk onto an elevated parking garage. As the JAL B747 parks in front of you it blocks the aircraft behind, one which was an Air Macau A321 which I missed on departure. Here you could also see aircraft lining up, but it is HOT (usually 30 C in KHH)

And be surprised, there is evena viewing area in the domestic terminal but don’t expect too much: you can see not even half of the domestic ramp and none of the Intl and runway is at distant and glass is very tinted making for some distortions. There are no chairs and no facilities in that “room”. The only reason to go here is to peek into the Uni Air hangar.

Finally, the inside gates of teh Intl temrinal are hard to see, you can see them from the departure level but as secutrity and passport control are right there did not flash out my binos there. (Usually Malaysian, Vietnam park here)

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