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Theme Week: Aviation in Brazil

by Matt Falcus


Brazil is a huge country, and it has been investing in its aviation network over recent years.

Brazil has mentioned plans to build as many as 800 airports to cope with the vast distances involved in reaching some parts of the country. With a population of 198 million and many airports bursting at the seams, this isn’t such a crazy idea.

Whilst the days of the big Brazilian airlines VARIG and VASP are long gone, new airlines such as TAM and Gol are thriving, and many international airlines focus a lot of attention on the country.

Chris the Redeemer in Rio de JaneiroFor enthusiasts, most of the big airports have observation decks which can be used to log and photograph airliners, and it is generally accepted that people enjoy doing this.

There are also a number of good spotting hotels to help with the hobby.

So over the coming week we’ll post a number of articles on topics such as:

Special World Cup airline schemes
Brazil’s Airlines and Airports Overview
Spotting at Sao Paulo’s airports
Preserved Airliners in Brazil
Spotting at Rio de Janeiro


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