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These are the Oldest 737s Still Flying Passengers

by Matt Falcus
Air Inuit 737-200

Can you believe the Boeing 737 has been around for almost 55 years?

That ultra-modern and efficient 737 MAX you hear so much about has its origins in the 737-100 which first flew on 9 April 1967, followed soon after by the popular 737-200.

Believe it or not, there are still many of these older models in existence despite the thousands of NG (Next Generation) and MAX models flooding the markets.

Flying on older 737s was a memorable part of my childhood in the early 1980s. So I thought I’d put together this list of the oldest 737s still flying passengers, just in case any of you might like to try and fly them before it’s too late!


C-GNLK, 737-2K2C, Nolinor Aviation

C-GNLK | Nolinor | Boeing 737-200

Built in 1974, unit number 354.

This aircraft flies mostly to remote communities in Northern Canada from hubs like Montreal.


C-GFCN, 737-2M2C, Nolinor Aviation

Built in 1976, unit number 447. See above.


YV3471, 737-2A1, Venezolana

Venezolana RAV, S.A, Boeing 737-291 YV502T. Aeropuerto Internacional Matecaña de Pereira.

Built in 1978, unit number 512

This Venezuelan charter airline still flies its 737-200s on domestic routes, plus those to Mexico and Caribbean destinations. The aircraft was previously YV502T, as shown in the photo here.


C-GMAI, 737-2Q2C, Air Inuit

Built in 1978, unit number 515

Like Nolinor, Air Inuit operates its 737-200s to remote communities. They can handle both passengers and cargo, and are an essential lifeline – even if they are getting on in years!


5N-BMS, 737-2R8C, JED Air

5N-BMS at LOS 14-06-2017

Built in 1978, unit number 546

Thought to still be active, this aircraft ferries oil workers in West Africa, based at Lagos, Nigeria.


C-FFAL, 737-2R8C, Raglan Mining


Built in 1979, unit number 573

Another private 737 ferrying workers. Raglan Mining operate mines in Canada and use this aircraft as a shuttle.


C-GAIG, 737-2S2C, Air Inuit

P8192640-2 TRUDEAU

Built in 1979, unit number 603

Another of Air Inuit’s fleet in Canada. Interestingly this aircraft was built as a freighter for Federal Express, but now carries both passengers and cargo in a combi role.


C-GXNR, 737-2S2C, Raglan Mining

C-GXNR YUL 30.08.18

Built in 1979, unit number 608

A second machine used by Raglan Mining in Canada.


C-GDPA, 737-2T2C, Canadian North

Canadian North B737-2T2C(A) C-GDPA

Built in 1980, unit number 655

Like Air Inuit and Nolinor, Canadian North use their 737-200 aircraft to remote communities in Canada. The airline is to retire or sell on its two -200s in 2022.

Their other aircraft is C-GOPW, unit number 688.



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MERVYN CROWE July 12, 2021 - 8:59 am

My first B 737 flight was on a 200 series, way back in June 1977, LUFTHANSA LHR/FRA, and have had quite a few 200 series ones since then…but of course, not recently !


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