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These Are the Oldest Boeing 767s Still in Existence

by Matt Falcus

The Boeing 767 was developed alongside the 757, Boeing’s two new airliners to emerge in the early 1980s which introduced the latest in aerodynamics, cockpit design, engine technology and passenger comfort.

The 767 was Boeing’s answer to the Airbus A300 – the world’s first widebody twin airliner, offering increased passenger capacity without the need for three or four engines. Pretty soon the 767 offered models which could fly long-haul, too.

Still in production as a freighter, the 767 is now almost 40 years old. Sadly the prototype aircraft was scrapped in 2006 (see Catching Up With the Boeing Prototypes).

So which are the oldest 767s still in existence?


HS-JAB (Unit #10)
HS-JAB / Jet Asia / Boeing B767-222 / cn 21868 / ln 10 / UTP / Jan20 ??? / ( FB ©Skippyscage photography ) /

JetAsia Airlines

Currently stored at U-Tapao, Thailand.


N768VA (Unit #11)

N768VA (2)


Thought to still exist in poor condition at Wilmington Airpark, OH


N102DA (Unit #12)

The Spirit of Delta Boeing 767

The Spirit of Delta Boeing 767

Delta Air Lines “Spirit of Delta”

Preserved at the Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta, GA


9M-RXB (Unit #17)

Raya Airways Boeing 767-232(BDSF) (9M-RXB)

Active as a freighter with Raya Airlines, based at Kuala Lumpur Subang, Malaysia.


HS-JAG (Unit #20)

Preserved at Kyungwoon University, South Korea.


N739AX (Unit #26)


Active with Amazon Prime Air (operated by Air Transport International). Based at Cincinnati North Kentucky International, KY.


5Y-SNL (Unit #27)


Active as a freighter with Astral Aviation, Kenya on lease from ABX Air (where it was N742AX).


N650GT (Unit #29)


Active with DHL Worldwide Express (operated by Atlas Air). Based at Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International, KY.


N767BZ (Unit #30)

Untitled Boeing 767-231(ER), N767BZ.

Private jet owned by Midroc Aviation. Stored at Kansas City International, MO.


N743AX (Unit #31)

Photo (c) Paul Moiser

Active as a freighter with Amerijet International, based at Miami International, FL.






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John Newth January 6, 2021 - 11:35 pm

Line #6 [c/n 22213], originally with Delta Air Lines, is still in service with ABX, and working out of CVG. Picture of it here: https://flic.kr/p/2g21dqs

Matt Falcus January 7, 2021 - 1:14 pm

Thanks John!

MERVYN CROWE January 7, 2021 - 4:22 am

Loved the 767, had my first flight in June 1983 VH-RMD MEL/SYD with my airline ANSETT AUSTRALIA, and in the jump seat as well.
Have clocked up 44 sectors on the 767-200 and 300 with four different airlines, a very solid reliable aeroplane.
Still love to see them now and again.


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