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Virgin Atlantic at 40 – Fleet List and Guide

by Matt Falcus

Virgin Atlantic, one of the most iconic airlines in the world, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson in 1984, Virgin Atlantic took to the skies with a bold ambition: to disrupt the traditional airline industry with its innovative approach to customer service and branding.


Virgin Atlantic’s Beginnings

The first Virgin Atlantic service to New York (c) Steve Fitzgerald

The maiden flight of Virgin Atlantic took place on June 22, 1984. A Boeing 747-200 named “Maiden Voyager” (registration G-VIRG) departed from London Gatwick Airport bound for Newark International Airport in New Jersey, USA. This inaugural flight marked the beginning of a journey that would revolutionize the way people perceive air travel.

Headquartered in Crawley, West Sussex, Virgin Atlantic has established itself as a major player in the aviation industry, despite facing fierce competition from long-established carriers. With London Heathrow Airport as its primary hub, the airline operates flights to over 30 destinations across the globe, spanning North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Throughout its four-decade history, Virgin Atlantic has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing several industry firsts and setting new standards for passenger experience. From pioneering in-flight entertainment systems to introducing flat-bed seats in business class, the airline has consistently pushed boundaries to enhance the flying experience for its customers.

One of Virgin Atlantic’s defining features is its distinctive branding and marketing. Known for its vibrant red livery, stylish uniforms, and cheeky advertising campaigns, the airline has cultivated a strong brand identity that resonates with travelers around the world. This emphasis on branding, coupled with a commitment to exceptional customer service, has helped Virgin Atlantic build a loyal customer base over the years.


Virgin Atlantic Fleet ListingVirgin 787-9

Today Virgin Atlantic has a fleet of over 40 aircraft split over the Airbus A330, A350 and Boeing 787 models.

Previously the airline was famous for operating the Boeing 747, and also flew various Airbus A340 models. However, these were all retired over the past ten years.

The current Virgin Atlantic fleet list is:

Registration Type C/N L/N Remarks
G-VBGR Airbus A330-343X 1329 Golden Girl; for WFU
G-VGEM Airbus A330-343X 1215 Diamond Girl
G-VINE Airbus A330-343X 1231 Champagne Belle
G-VKSS Airbus A330-343X 1201 Mademoiselle Rouge
G-VLUV Airbus A330-343X 1206 Lady Love
G-VNYC Airbus A330-343X 1315 Uptown Girl; for WFU
G-VRAY Airbus A330-343X 1296 Miss Sunshine
G-VSXY Airbus A330-343X 1195 Beauty Queen
G-VUFO Airbus A330-343X 1352 Lady Stardust
G-VWAG Airbus A330-343X 1341 Miss England
G-VEII Airbus A330-941 2029 Queen of the Skies
G-VJAZ Airbus A330-941 2018 Billie Holiday
G-VLDY Airbus A330-941 2025 Eliza Doolittle
G-VTOM Airbus A330-941 2019 Space Oddity
G-VEWR Airbus A330-941 Due; Liberty Belle
G-VJAX Airbus A330-941 Due; Billie Jean
G-VJOY Airbus A330-941 Due
G-VMGM Airbus A330-941 Due; Movie Queen
G-VMIX Airbus A330-941 Due; Virgin and Tonic
G-VNHS Airbus A330-941 Due; Matron
G-VRIO Airbus A330-941 Due; Carnival Queen
G-VSRB Airbus A330-941 Due
G- Airbus A330-941 Due
G- Airbus A330-941 Due
G- Airbus A330-941 Due
G-VBOB Airbus A350-1041 605 Soul Rebel
G-VDOT Airbus A350-1041 71 Ruby Slipper
G-VEVE Airbus A350-1041 492 Fearless Lady
G-VJAM Airbus A350-1041 336 Queen of Hearts
G-VLIB Airbus A350-1041 507 Lady Emmeline
G-VLUX Airbus A350-1041 274 Red Velvet
G-VNVR Airbus A350-1041 Wendy Darling
G-VPOP Airbus A350-1041 298 Mamma Mia
G-VPRD Airbus A350-1041 319 Rain Bow
G-VRNB Airbus A350-1041 415 Purple Rain
G-VTEA Airbus A350-1041 426 Rosie Lea
G-VELJ Airbus A350-1041 Due; Benny Jet
G- Airbus A350-1041 Due
G- Airbus A350-1041 Due
G-VAHH Boeing 787-9 37967/246 Dream Girl
G-VBEL Boeing 787-9 37980/665 Lady Freedom
G-VBOW Boeing 787-9 37978/534 Pearly Queen
G-VBZZ Boeing 787-9 37976/401 Queen Bee
G-VCRU Boeing 787-9 37972/338 Olivia Rae
G-VDIA Boeing 787-9 37975/377 Lucy in the Sky
G-VFAN Boeing 787-9 37977/431 Pin Up Girl
G-VMAP Boeing 787-9 38047/421 West End Girl
G-VNEW Boeing 787-9 40956/218 Birthday Girl
G-VNYL Boeing 787-9 37981/681 Penny Lane
G-VOOH Boeing 787-9 37968/256 Miss Chief
G-VOWS Boeing 787-9 37974/373 Maid Marion
G-VSPY Boeing 787-9 37973/369 Miss Moneypenny
G-VWHO Boeing 787-9 37971/313 Mystery Girl
G-VWOO Boeing 787-9 37979/645 Leading Lady
G-VYUM Boeing 787-9 37970/296 Ruby Murray
G-VZIG Boeing 787-9 37969/267 Dream Jeannie


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