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What Planes Does Loganair Fly?

by Matt Falcus

Loganair, established in 1962, holds a distinguished position in the aviation industry as one of the oldest regional airlines in the United Kingdom. Originally founded as the air taxi service of the Royal Scottish Flying Doctor Service, Loganair quickly evolved into a regional airline serving the remote and challenging landscapes of Scotland. Over the decades, the airline has played a crucial role in connecting communities and facilitating air travel to areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Current Operations

Ronnie Robertson, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, Loganair is an award-winning regional carrier, providing essential air services to remote and underserved regions in Scotland, as well as a range of domestic services throughout the United Kingdom and into Europe. The airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft suited to the unique demands of its diverse route network.


Airport Bases

Loganair strategically positions its operations across several key airport bases. The airline’s primary base is at Glasgow Airport, a major hub in Scotland. This strategic location is where many of its essential services to remote parts of Scotland operate from, including the famous beach airport at Barra in the Outer Hebrides.

In addition to Glasgow, Loganair has established bases at Edinburgh Airport and Aberdeen Airport, further solidifying its presence in key Scottish cities. These bases serve as pivotal points for the airline’s operations, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility for passengers traveling to and from Scotland.

Elsewhere, Loganair has operating bases at the Isle of Man, Newcastle, and Derry in Northern Ireland.



Loganair’s route network spans a wide array of destinations, with a primary focus on connecting regional and remote communities. The airline operates domestic flights within the UK, with an emphasis on serving routes to and from Scotland. Passengers can enjoy convenient connections between cities, islands, and rural areas.


Loganair’s Aircraft Fleet

Embraer 145 used on many key routes across the UK and to Europe.

To meet the demands of its diverse network, Loganair operates a fleet of aircraft capable of fitting in these roles and serving these communities.

The airline has also been upgrading its fleet in recent years.

G-BPCA Islander Loganair Kirkwell 14-05-15

Britten Norman Islander used on Orkney Island routes

The fleet currently comprises:

  • 7x ATR 42s (both -500 and -600 models)
  • 5x ATR 72-600s (with more on order)
  • 2x Britten-Norman Islanders, serving the Orkney Island services.
  • 3x De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters (including two modern Viking DHC-6-400 variants). These serve remote airports out of Glasgow, including Barra.
  • 13x Embraer 145 regional jets.
  • 4x Saab 340s, which are in the process of being retired.

Additionally, Loganair flies four ATR 72-500 freighters on cargo flights.

Loganair’s Saab 340s will soon be retired.

In recent years, Loganair has flown types like the Embraer 135, Saab 2000 and Dornier 328. However, it is now concentrating on modern, fuel-efficient types which suit its needs. The departure of the Saab 340 fleet reflects this.


Have you flown on Loganair before? What type of plane did you fly? Leave a comment below!


Main photo (c) Ronnie Roberston



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