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Looking Ahead to 2017 at Airport Spotting Blog

by Matt Falcus
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Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been a fantastic year for Airport Spotting Blog and I hope you’ve all enjoyed visiting and reading the articles and information that has been put together.

It’s certainly been the busiest year for the blog in terms of content put together, products released, and (most importantly) the number of visitors we receive every month, which is fantastic.

Thank you all for making it a fantastic 2016!


Highlights for me include:

Which were your favourite posts?


Amsterdam Schiphol Panorama Terrace

What’s to Come?

Planning for the next year of content is already well underway. It is my aim to provide more of the stuff that you want to see, but also expand to try and provide more value and reach more readers.

Here’s what to expect:

  • More news, reports and inspiration from other countries. I’d like to cover more US and Asian airlines and airports in particular.
  • More user submitted content. I want your trip reports, spotting guides, snapshots. The stuff sent in during 2016 was great!
  • A theme of preserved airliners running through the year to coincide with a new book release.
  • More useful practical material, such as airport timetables.
  • More updated Airport Spotting Guides products through our association with Destinworld Publishing.


How you can help

It’s hard to cover everything so I need your help to make this site great.

I’m looking for people who can write spotting guides and other useful resources. I also need you to send in reports and pictures from your spotting trips which I can showcase on Airport Spotting Blog. It’s a great way to help other spotters and to show what aircraft are out there to see. Get in touch if you can!

Please also consider supporting Airport Spotting Blog financially. You can send a donation towards the upkeep and costs of the website, or you can buy a book from us.

It will all go to funding more great content to inspire and help you in your hobby next year!


Other Ways to Help

Join our newsletter! If you haven’t already done so, it’s a free resource where I send up updates and links to new content, and offers on our book products. Plus, you’ll receive a free PDF spotting guide book when you sign up! Enter your email address in the box beneath this post.

Share content. You’ll see social media buttons at the side of every page. Clicking them will let you share them with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc. Whenever you do so, it helps Airport Spotting Blog grow


Matt Falcus, Editor of Airport Spotting Blog

Matt Falcus, Editor of Airport Spotting Blog


If you’d like to have some input on the content we produce, telling us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want more of, leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page!


Have a great 2017 everyone!


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