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Airport Spotting Hotels now available in print!

by Matt Falcus
Airport Spotting Hotels

Airport Spotting Hotels

You asked for it and we made it happen!

A while back we released our new book – Airport Spotting Hotels.

It’s a great little resource packed full of tips on the best hotels to choose at airports around the world if you want to do some in-room spotting.

It has all of the obvious choices in there that you know about (there are some famous spotting hotels after all), but it also has lots that you probably don’t know about. There are over 270 spotting hotels in 54 countries listed in the book. I’m pretty sure that will cover most of your trips!

We got some great feedback and people seemed to like the book. But one of the most common comments was that people wanted a physical print copy of the book (it was originally available as a PDF eBook and on Kindle).

So, here it is! You can get a copy of Airport Spotting Hotels in print now by click the button below:

Order Your Copy

You can still buy the book on Amazon Kindle and PDF if you’d prefer an electronic copy.

Airport Spotting Hotels

Clear and concise details to over 270 different spotting hotels


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