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Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon Spotting Hotel Review

by Matt Falcus

Fresh from his review of the DoubleTree Hilton Downtown San Diego spotting hotel (read it here), John Millar has provided us with details of another great hotel, this time at Miami International in Florida.


The Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon is located at 5101 Blue Lagoon Drive on a peninsula in the middle of the Blue Lagoon lake, which sits just south of the airport perimeter.

This has long been a favourite of enthusiasts spotting at Miami Airport thanks to its proximity, and the balconies which offered great views of movements and a relaxing place to enjoy the action.

However, the introduction of wire mesh over the balconies had soured the experience for many and the hotel has lost favour.

Nevertheless, John gives an honest review and some tips on how to make the most of staying there.


About the Hilton Miami Blue Lagoon

This hotel has 12 storeys and is situated in an idyllic location surrounded by the blue waters, as well as its own pools and outdoor areas.

Its proximity to Miami Airport makes it a great place for travellers or those on vacation. John states: “the hotel, which has changed franchise owners since my previous visit in October 22, offers a half hourly complementary shuttle bus between the Hotel and MIA between 0500 and 2400.”

He adds: “All the bedrooms have tea/coffee making facilities as you would expect from an upmarket hotel chain and there is also a shop in the lobby to purchase hot/cold snacks and drinks. Room service is also available.”


What are the views like?

John was allocated Room 817 on his recent visit, which is situated on the west side of the hotel at the end of the corridor and overlooks Runways 27 and 30 at the airport’s south-east corner.

Executive double rooms with balconies offer the best views.

He says: “In recent years the hotel fitted a thin wire mesh to the room balconies making photography more difficult but dependent on lens settings acceptable photographs are still possible.”

He adds: “It is also possible to take pics through the window at the end of corridor. I use a Lenskirt hood which prevents reflections.”

Aircraft tracking is preferable for advance warning of aircraft coming quickly in to view, and logging aircraft is no problem as you’ll still see them albeit through the mesh.

Elsewhere in the hotel, depending on the direction of landings, “photographs can be taken in the pool bar area while topping up the suntan, as well as eating/drinking from the quality menu. Staff are friendly and helpful.” says John.


Hotel Details

Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon
5101 Waterford District Dr, Miami, FL 33126, United States

Book here: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/miaahhh-hilton-miami-airport-blue-lagoon/

John says that sadly Metro Dade Transport have changed the public bus routings from the hourly service and no longer run
from outside the hotel to the El Dorado Furniture area, which is a popular spotting location alongside runway 09R.

However, it is possible to get an Uber for around $15 to the area of Runways 12 and 09 from the hotel.


Thank you to John for contributing these details!



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