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Loganair’s Saab 340 Fleet Retires – Fleet Details

by Matt Falcus

The final two active Saab 340s in Loganair’s fleet were retired on 25th January following a weekend of celebrations and a few final scheduled services.

This marks the end of more than 24 years of service by the aircraft, which was first introduce in 1999 to improve passenger comfort and performance over the existing Shorts 360 fleet, particularly on services within Scotland, such as those to the country’s remote islands.

Since then, a fleet which peaked at 17 aircraft was flown by the airline, including some in cargo configuration.

The Saab 340 was well liked among passengers and pilots, thanks to its capabilities and ability to ride above the weather.

Now, however, the time has come for the Saabs to make way for more moderns ATR 42 and 72 turboprops.


Farewell Flights

Last weekend a series of farewell flights were flown from Glasgow Airport, giving passengers, staff and aviation enthusiasts a last chance to experience the sights and sounds of the Saab 340.

Each flight took a 25 minute circuit around Western Scotland. Despite the weather offering little in the way of views, all of these flights were successfully flown and passengers enjoyed the opportunity.

Loganair gave each passenger a gift bag containing Saab 340 memorabilia, a book, and of course some Tunnocks Caramel Wafers – a local produce which the airline is well-known for serving on board.

We were on board one of these farewell flights, and Airport Spotting Premium Members will get a full trip report with pictures in their February Magazine.



Final Loganair Saab 340 Flights

The final flight enroute

Following the farewell flights, Loganair continued to operate their final two Saab 340 aircraft (G-LGNA and G-LGNJ) one some of their key services, before operating the final flight between Kirkwall and Glasgow, via Inverness, on Thursday 25 January.

Captain Eddie Watt was the pilot for the final service (as well as the farewell flights). He is Loganair’s longest serving captain, and will retire following the final flight. It coincides with his 65th birthday.

Loganair’s chief executive Jonathan Hinkles said this is “a fond farewell to an aircraft that has served us and our customers well over the course of the last 24-and-a-half years.

“But it’s time to go and time for us to continue developing our fleet.”


Loganair Saab 340 Fleet & Fates


Photo (c) Jonathan Payne


Over the years Loganair has operated 23 Saab 340 aircraft since 1999. Here’s a fleet list and current known locations.


ES-NSD (171) Saab 340B, 2019-2020 – Leased from NyxAir

G-GNTB (82) Saab 340A(F), 2003-2022 – Now ES-NSN with NyxAir

G-GNTF (113) Saab 340A(F) 2001-2022 – Now ES-NSM with NyxAir

G-GNTG (126) Saab 340A, 2002-2003 – Now HA-TAD with Fleet Air International

G-GNTJ (192) Saab 340B(F), 2001 – To G-LGNF (see below)

G-LGNA (199) Saab 340B, 1999-2024 – Fate TBC

G-LGNB (216) Saab 340B, 1999-2022 – Now C-FRCV with Jetstream Aviation/Pascan Aviation

G-LGNC (318) Saab 340B, 2000-2023 – Now N318JL

G-LGND (169) Saab 340B, 2001-2020 – Now ES-NSK with NyxAir

G-LGNE (172) Saab 340B, 2001-2020 – Now N3172

G-LGNF (192) Saab 340B, 2002-2020 – Now N219KA

G-LGNG (327) Saab 340B, 2002-2022 – Now C-G… with Pascan Aviation

G-LGNH (333) Saab 340B, 2004-2023 – Now N985ES with Jetstream Aviation

G-LGNI (160) Saab 340B, 2005-2023 – Now N980ES with Jetstream Aviation

G-LGNJ (173) Saab 340B, 2005-2024 – To be sold

G-LGNK (185) Saab 340B, 2005-2022 – Now N185KJ with Berry Aviation

G-LGNL (246) Saab 340B, 2008 – Written off 2008

G-LGNM (187) Saab 340B(F), 2008-2022 – Now N187JF with IBC Airways

G-LGNN (197) Saab 340B(F), 2008-2022 – Now N968AF with Ameriflight

G-LGNU (223) Saab 340B, 2017-2020 – Now N961BC with IBC Airways

G-LGNZ (167) Saab 340B, 2017-2018 – Now SP-CUA with CU Air/SprintAir

LY-NSC (37) Saab 340A(F), 2009-2011 – Leased from Avion Express


Did you ever fly on a Loganair Saab 340? Leave a comment below!




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David Nursaw January 26, 2024 - 5:45 pm

Lovely aircraft ,flew in Dundee to London Stansted and Carlisle to Southend.
Sad to see them go.

Allen McLaughlin January 27, 2024 - 10:25 am

I flew on them lots of times, usually travelling to jobs in the Highlands & islands. Places like Stornoway and Benbecula in the Western Isles or Kirkwall on Orkney. Over the years I managed to bag flights in British Airways, Flybe and the current Loganair livery. Countess cups of tea and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers consumed too, lol.

Matt Falcus January 27, 2024 - 1:01 pm

Happy memories Allen! Wonder if it’ll be the same on the ATRs? Hope you’re well.

MERV CROWE January 29, 2024 - 11:06 am

Over the years on our trips back to the UK, I have managed to log seven different LOGANAIR SAAB 340s,in MAN, ABZ ,INV, KOI and GLA, in various colour schemes.

We are so very lucky here in AUS as we still have around 80 SAAB 340s in service, passenger and freighters.


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