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Keep track of storage airports


I think a lot of spotters like to know which aircraft are languishing away at different storage airports, as it’s always good to make a trip to catch up on a few of these airframes before the inevitable scrapping takes place. I’m the same, and I’m always looking for up-to-date resources.

So, what’s the point in this? Well I’ve started keeping track of the aircraft stored at various different airports on this site.

For now, I’m particularly paying attention to UK and lesser-known storage airports as they get little coverage compared to those in Arizona and California.

You can find the lists under the Storage Lists tab at the top of the page. So far I’ve included:

Coventry, UK
Kemble, UK
Moscow Domodedovo, Russia
Summerside, Canada

Can you help me keep this up-to-date? Or can you add information for an airport that’s not covered? Please get in touch or comment if so.

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