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7 Reasons to Join Airport Spotting Premium


Did you know we offer a premium membership option for Airport Spotting readers?

Designed to give true aviation fans more of the content they love and plenty of extras to help them make the most of their hobby – even in these strange times for the aviation industry – it gives members access to a private part of this website where they can download extra content and resources.

Here are 7 reasons to consider joining Airport Spotting Premium Membership:


1. Fly on Rare and Historic Airliners

We used to produce a book entitled Last Chance to Fly which gave enthusiasts a guide on where the rarest and most historic airliners still flying passengers could be found. This book is now only available to Airport Spotting Premium Members.

Members can download the book, which is now updated monthly and always available with the latest information on which airlines still fly rare and historic airlines that you can book to fly on today!


2. An Ever Growing Library of Airport Spotting Guides

Airport Spotting is known for its guides to spotting locations at airports around the world. We also publish a series of popular books with this information.

Airport Spotting Premium Members have access to a library of spotting guides to individual airports. These PDF guides are tailored to give you the information you need, and can be printed out ahead of your trip, or kept handy on your smartphone to reference as you go. We’re adding new guides all the time, too!


3. Monthly Aviation Articles and News

Forget expensive glossy aviation magazines. Airport Spotting Premium Members have their own colourful aviation magazine delivered straight to their inbox every month with the latest airline and airport articles.

Professionally designed, this magazine usually includes the latest airline news, in-depth article, an airport spotting guide, and vintage aircraft article.


4. The Chance to Win Prizes!

We believe in giving back to our community. That’s why every member of our Premium Membership is entered into a prize draw to win amazing prizes every month.

We randomly choose one member to receive an aviation-related reward. So far these have included the latest aviation books, memorabilia, aircraft models, videos and calendars.


5. Improve Your Aviation Knowledge

We love to publish great aviation content on AirportSpotting.com which is free to everyone who visits. We will always continue to do that.

But for Premium Members, we go even deeper and give you a chance to get more from your hobby.

We regularly publish reference guides to aircraft types, like our Biz Jets Guide, vintage and classic airliners, like our Propliners in Britain Census, and where to see airliners, like our Airbus A330neo Route Page.

More content is added all the time, adding even more value to your membership!


6. Keep Up With New Aircraft Deliveries

Every week we send Premium Members a list of all new airliner deliveries over the past week from the world’s major aircraft manufacturers.

This is a great way for aircraft spotters in particular to keep up with new aircraft to look for at the airports they visit.


7. Save Money

Make your membership fee back easily by taking advantage of the discounts and special offers given to all members.

You’ll receive a discount code to use on all of our aviation books (airport spotting guides, airline guides, aircraft reference and history guides), and also at our partner Justplanes.com, with their extensive collection of cockpit and airport videos.

What’s more, you can save even more money by opting for an annual fee rather than monthly payments. Doing so gives you two months of membership free!


Ready to sign up?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply click here to get started.



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