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Boeing 727 Final Flight as Prototype Flies to Museum

by Matt Falcus
727 Final Flight

727 Final Flight

After an amazing 25 years since it last flew, the prototype Boeing 727 aircraft has made a dramatic final flight across Seattle to its new resting place at the Museum of Flight.

N7001U has been residing at Everett Paine Field to the north of Seattle – known as the place where Boeing builds its widebody airliners.

Over recent years the aircraft has been painstakingly restored and returned to flying condition with the intention of relocating it to the Museum of Flight where it can be put on display alongside other Boeing prototypes.727 Final Flight

Today, 2nd March 2016, all of the hard work paid off as, shortly before 11am local time, the aircraft taxied out at Paine Field and departed with trademark smoke trails into the skies above Seattle for a short hop to Boeing Field.

727 Final Flight

Painted in the original colours of United Airlines, for whom the aircraft operated its entire life, the wheels remained extended and the 727 made haste, landing around 15 minutes after departure in front of the waiting crowds.

727 Final Flight

727 Final Flight

The whole 727 final flight was broadcast live on the internet by the Museum of Flight, and the images on this page show the highlights.

727 final flight

727 final flight

N7001U was built in 1964. Following testing and certification it was flown by United Airlines on domestic and international services before being retired in 1991.

The airline donated the aircraft to the Museum of Flight, who kept it in storage awaiting eventual restoration.


The Boeing 727 prototype now resides next to the Boeing 737, 747 and 787 prototypes at the museum, as well as many other historic aircraft.

Congratulations to all involved in this magnificent achievement.


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