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Last chances to see NASA’s Space Shuttles in the air!

by Matt Falcus

Photo (c) NASANASA is preparing to deliver its retired Space Shuttle orbiters to their final resting places – namely the chosen museums who will take delivery of them for exhibit.

Since the Shuttle isn’t a powered aircraft in its own right, this means that you will get to see the famous Boeing 747 ‘piggy back’ shuttle aircraft one last time.

These classic -100 model aircraft formerly flew with American Airlines, and now only one remains active with NASA. This aircraft will fly to Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday 10 April. Then, all going well, on Tuesday 17 April it will deliver Discovery to Washington Dulles Airport as it heads to the National Air and Space Museum. It is hoped that the aircraft can perform a flyby of Washington DC before landing, which will make quite a spectacle!

Then, on 23 April, the Boeing 747 will be used to ferry the prototype Shuttle Enterprise from Washington Dulles (it is currently at the museum) to New York JFK Airport. From there it will be barged to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in Manhattan.

Finally, in September this year, the Shuttle Endeavour will be delivered atop the 747 to Los Angeles (I’m not sure which airport at the moment), from which it will be transported by road to the California Science Center.

Believe me, I want to see photos of these trips. So please send them in!


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Matt Falcus April 18, 2012 - 12:46 pm

Here’s a video of the final flight of Discovery, atop the 747 and making a low-pass over central Washington DC



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