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200 airports approved for 747-8 operations

by Matt Falcus

Boeing has proudly announced that 200 airports have been approved for operations of its new 747-8 aircraft – the latest and largest in the 747 family.

The new aircraft has a wider wingspan, and increased length, over previous models. This puts it into the Category F size of aircraft, similar to the Airbus A380.

All airports need to be approved for commercial operations with the categories of aircraft that fly in.

Boeing announce that London Heathrow has become the 200th to gain approval for the 747-8, which is already serving around 63 airports around the world with the few carriers to have received their orders so far.

Across both passenger and freighter variants, it will operate for the likes of Lufthansa, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, Atlas Air, Arik Air and Korean Air.

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