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Domodedovo Helping Spotters

by Matt Falcus

This press release has recently been sent out by Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, indicating how helpful they are to the “star” spotters out there.


Between June 18 and 19, Moscow International Airport Domodedovo, the pioneer in aviation spotting, welcomed the group of aviation photography enthusiasts and provided access to most convenient spots at the landing area.

Around 30 world’s spotting stars got together in Domodedovo and spent there two days. Stuck to their cameras, they couldn’t take their eyes off the airfield in pursuit of capturing the moments from ordinary yet exciting airport life.

For two days the apron, runways, taxi ways turned into spotters’ workshop, where aircraft’s landing and take-offs were in the main focus.

Last year the spotters requested to hold such events more frequently, and this year the airport made the request materialized. The 17th of June signified the official start of regular spotting events to be organized in the leading Moscow airport.

«I appreciate and thank the administration of Moscow International Airport Domodedovo for the unparalleled cooperation and providing unique opportunities to amateurs and professionals of aviation photography alike. Every airport is interesting in its own right, but to date Domodedovo is one of few places where you can see a great number of various airlines’ aircraft. That’s why to me the willingness to cooperate with aviation photographers which the airport has been demonstrating is extremely important. Thank you!”, – said Valentin Morozov, Russian AviaPhoto Team leader (RAFT).


Organizing such events, Moscow International Airport Domodedovo provides continuity to the long-going tradition of the amateur aircraft photography.

Aviation spotting is a hobby uniting a great number of devotees around the world. The idea of spotting is to take pictures of a plane from the most advantageous angle and from a maximum proximity.

Sincerely yours,
Evgeniya Bekmambetova


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Neil Harris August 31, 2009 - 8:05 pm

Great article on spotting in Moscow,however having been there(DME) in 2007 with written approval from the authorities(apparently!!!),we where approached by the police and,after much head scratching we where told “no pictures”,after pointing out the display exhibition describing the above which was in the lounge downstairs,this didnt seem to cut too much ice.Never a dull moment!!!

Love the website,keep up the good work.

Neil Harris(BHX)


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