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East Midlands spotting hotel – Radisson Blu

by Matt Falcus
Radisson Blu EMA

Radisson Blu EMA

A hotel I recently stayed at was the Radisson Blu at East Midlands airport, and got to check out the spotting opportunities there.

I had requested a room with a view of the airport, and upon arrival this was confirmed. My visit was planned to make the most of the evening cargo flights, which are busiest on weekdays. Odd-numbered rooms in the range 301-319 and 401-419 all face the airport and are close enough to read off aircraft registrations. All airport movements are visible, however after dark a SBS or flight tracking website is required to log the aircraft identities. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi with all room rates.

Radisson Blu East Midlands



Photography is also possible from the rooms with a 250mm lens, particularly in the daytime when aircraft are landing or departing on runway 09. However, the glass may cause distortion in some cases.

The photos on this page are from my stay, and show the views that are possible from the room. All movements on the runway are visible.


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