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Gol first to resume 737 MAX flights

by Matt Falcus

After American Airlines last week operated the first Boeing 737 MAX flight with passengers since the type was grounded, Brazil’s Gol Linhas Aereas will become the first airline to actually put the type back into scheduled service.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted approval for the MAX to resume passenger flying on 18th November, and Brazil’s aviation authority followed suit. Europe’s EASA has also granted permission, with conditions.

KPAE - GOL Transportes Aereos Boeing 737 MAX 8 N6067U/PR-XMR

Now Gol has announced it will bring its fleet back into the air on 9th December, following additional training undertaken by its pilots to introduce them to the changes made to the 737 during its lengthy grounding and upgrade.

The exact route(s) have not yet been announced, but will be from Gol’s São Paulo base.

American Airlines intends to resume scheduled services with its MAX aircraft between New York LaGuardia and Miami on 29th December, and United Airlines says it will return its aircraft to flight early next year.




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