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JetBlue Retro A320 Revealed – But Isn’t JetBlue Too Young?

by Matt Falcus


Photo (c) @jbbluelee1

Photo (c) @jbbluelee1

It’s a common things for airlines to tip their hat to their heritage by painted planes in schemes worn years ago, or by carriers which have been swallowed up in the past.

So when JetBlue jumped on the bandwagon this week, it would seem a perfectly normal thing to do on the face of it.

Yet JetBlue is only 18 years old and hasn’t really altered its livery too much.

Airbus A320 N763JB has been painted in a “retro” livery showing two-tone blue and gold cheatlines along the fuselage, with vintage titles and the 1-800 phone number instead of the web address.

However, the most common comments I’ve heard is that it looks remarkably like the British Caledonian livery.

This would be quite fitting since BCal was one of the first airlines to order and take delivery of the A320 in the late 1980s, being merged with British Airways shortly after.

Either way, it’s cool to see the JetBlue retro livery and hopefully it will stick around for a while.


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