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Muscat Airport Spotting Guide

by Matt Falcus

Muscat Airport is the principal gateway to Oman. It is home to Oman Air and sees flights from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The country is a growing tourist destination, and it’s not far from the popular United Arab Emirates.

Reader Chris Hughes has sent in this guide to spotting at Muscat Airport. Here’s what he has to say…



From the drop-off zone outside departures, you can walk left and right in front of the terminal for views of some gates. However, you must be careful spotting landside, as you would anywhere in this part of the world. Even airside, the usual small bins/compact camera rules apply.

However, once inside the building, before check-in, most of these gates (eastern side of piers A and B) can be seen anyway. You have to go down one level, to Arrivals then just walk to the very ends of the terminal building for the best, but limited, views.

Muscat Airport Layout

Once through immigration and security and you are airside, the departure gates are on three piers, A (north), B (south) and C (west) with C straight ahead, B is left and A right.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any good terminal maps on-line, so I hope these directions will be OK.


Spotting Point 1 at Muscat

Point 1: As soon as you clear immigration go left towards the B gates, but instead of going to the actual gates, bear right just before a money changers, past WH Smiths to a seating/dining area close to some food outlets. This has large, clear windows that look out onto the West side of pier B, South side of pier C, biz parking and distant views of the military ramp. You will also see anything on the taxi-way to/from the eastern side of pier B and cargo ramp.


Point 2: From immigration go right for pier A but bear left before the gates. This area is in the same relative position as point 1, but on the other side of duty free. However, the view is much more restricted. You have to go in to a restaurant for decent views.


Spotting Point 3 at Muscat

Point 3: Go to the very end of pier C and use the stairs or escalator to drop down one level, don’t use the lift as it misses this level. Here there are large, clear windows by a seating area that look west. You can see anything on finals for 08L and on the main north/south taxiway. Currently 08L/26R is the only runway in use, so from here (with the help of FR24) you should get everything that moves.


Generally, when walking the piers, views are hit and miss, but I have not yet been to the very ends of A & B, they may have the same arrangement as C.




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