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Airport Ground Trainer Airliners in the UK

by Matt Falcus
trident, g-awzs

Head to most airports and you’ll find some kind of aircraft relic hanging around.

These are usually used as a training aid by the airport’s fire crews. Sometimes they’re used by cabin crews for training, as events spaces and film props, or maybe they’ve been retired from these purposes and are just hanging around forgotten.

Our book Preserved Airliners of Europe covers all airliners and military transport aircraft in museums and private collections, as well as ground trainers like these.

If you’re interested in hunting out some of these ground trainers, here are all the known examples in the UK to get you started:


Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome

Olympic Airways B747-200 SX-OAD

SX-OAD Boeing 747-212B


Cardiff Airport

G-AVMT BAC 1-11-510ED Forward Fuselage


Cranfield Airport


G-DOCB Boeing 737-436

SP-KWN BAe Jetstream 3212

G-RAVL Hawker Siddeley Jetstream I


Doncaster Sheffield Airport

EC-DDX Boeing 727-256 Forward Fuselage (in hangar)


Dunsfold Aerodrome

The Final VC10

N88892 Boeing 747-236B

N437TH BAe Jetstream 31 Fuselage

N437UH BAe Jestream 31

ZA150 Vickers VC10 K.3


East Midlands Airport


TC-ALM Boeing 727-230 Fuselage


Glasgow Prestwick Airport

G-CELR Boeing 737-330 Fuselage


Humberside Airport


G-AVMP BAC 1-11-510ED Forward Fuselage


London Gatwick

ItAli Airlines - I-DAVA - London Gatwick (EGKK/LGW)

G-CEXP Handley Page Herald

I-DAVA McDonnel Douglas MD-82


London Heathrow

G-BOAB Heathrow Concorde

G-BOAB is stored at London Heathrow and is often moved to different locations.

G-BOAB Concorde 102


London Luton

G-AOVS Bristol Britannia 175 Fuselage

VP-BJW Boeing 737-301 Forward Fuselage


Newcastle Airport

C-GWJO Boeing 737-200 at Newcastle Airport

C-GWJO Boeing 737-2A3

G-AZMF BAC 1-11-530FX Fuselage (in hangar)

G-BBYM Handley Page Jetstream 200 Fuselage (in hangar)


North Weald Aerodrome


N44914 Douglas C-54Q


Norwich Airport


G-CELS Boeing 737-377 (in hangar)

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Teesside Airport

trident, g-awzs

G-AWZS HS.121 Trident 3B

G-AZNC Vickers Viscount 813 Fuselage

G-BKIE Shorts 330 Fuselage

UR-UTA ATR 42-320


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Keith Hendry October 21, 2019 - 7:38 pm

Hi Matt
Interesting look at some oldies
Did you miss out the Dart Herald at Gatwick on purpose because of it’s condition?
Thanks – Keith Hendry

Matt Falcus October 22, 2019 - 7:54 am

Thanks Keith. Not on purpose! I’ve added it.

Baz Manning October 30, 2019 - 7:21 pm

What about Hurn’s G-GPFI? 737 fuselage, cabin trainer.


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