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OUT NOW! World Airports Spotting Guides (2nd Edition)

by Matt Falcus

Our new guide book for aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters is now available.

World Airports Spotting Guides (2nd Edition) updates the 2015 edition of the best-selling book, with all the latest spotting and photography locations, tips and information on airports across the world.

Here’s a summary of the book:

    • Covers over 330 airports in 77 countries.
    • Completely revised and expanded. The first new edition of this book since 2015. We added loads more content and airports, and updated all of the ones previously included.
    • Top tips on spotting. Whether you’re a photographer or registration spotter, you’ll find the best locations to spot at each airport, with handy maps and descriptions of what you can expect to see.
    • All of the information you need about the hundreds of airports listed, including tips on what you’ll see, and where the best airport hotels are.

world airports spotting guides

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the book. Your copies are being posted right now.

Those who won prizes will be contacted privately – congratulations if you won!


If you’d like to unlock your potential as an aircraft spotter, grab a copy of this new guidebook which will give you information on all the best places for spotting around the world. You can use it for planning trips at home, and also while out there visiting airports.

World Airports Spotting Guides (2nd Edition)


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