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Where are all the Qantas 747s located?

by Matt Falcus

In July 2020 Qantas ended over 50 years of flying the Boeing 747 when it retired its last example, VH-OEJ.

The airline performed a few fly-bys of Australian cities, and the final flight itself too cargo to Los Angeles before continuing on to the Mojave desert for storage and disposal.

So where are all the surviving Qantas 747s now? Here are the known locations at the time of writing, but be aware some may be scrapped soon!



VH-EBQ (22145/410) 747-238B – Preserved Founders Outback Museum, Longreach, Australia

VH-EBU (23223/606) 747-338 – Stored Melbourne Avalon, Australia

VH-OJA (24354/731) 747-438 – Preserved HARS, Wollongong, Australia

VH-OJB (24373/746) 747-438 – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OJC (24406/751) 747-438 – WFU Victorville, CA


VH-OJD (24481/764) 747-438 – WFU Victorville, CA

VH-OJL (25151/865) 747-438 – WFU Kansas City, MO as N953JM

VH-OJN (25315/883) 747-438 – WFU Victorville, CA as N958JM

VH-OJQ (25546/924) 747-438 – WFU Victorville, CA as N951JM

VH-OJS (25564/1230) 747-438 – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OJT (25565/1233) 747-438 – WFU Mojave, CA

N747RR ex QANTAS Airways now with Rolls Royce Boeing 747-438 25566 1239 Moses Lake 4-3-20

VH-OJU (25566/1239) 747-438 – Active as engine testbed N747RR at Moses Lake, WA

VH-OEB (25778/983) 747-48E – WFU Tupelo, MS

VH-OEE (32909/1308) 747-438ER – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OEF (32910/1313) 747-438ER – Stored San Bernardino, CA

VH-OEG (32911/1320) 747-438ER – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OEH (32912/1321) 747-438ER – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OEI (32913/1330) 747-438ER – WFU Mojave, CA

VH-OEJ (32914/1331) 747-438ER – WFU Mojave, CA


If you still need to log any of them, go get them quick! It’s unlikely any of the non-active aircraft will fly again.



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Jesse Ovington August 2, 2020 - 3:34 am

I’m pretty sure -EBU was scrapped at Avalon a few years ago.

MERVYN CROWE August 6, 2020 - 9:56 am

Hello 747 VH-EBU I believe is still at Avalon and used for training, was there two years ago.
We have had two flights on the last QF 747 to leave AUS, VH-OEJ, so had spent 26 hours in it.
Have flown on the QF 200/300/400 and 400ER series over the years including the initial 200 VH-EBA.
Sad to see them go, however before COVID they were due to leave by November 2020.
Additionally sad to see the BA 747s be retired so prematurely, and of course the LH and KL fleets

MERVYN CROWE August 7, 2020 - 9:45 am

Further update on QANTAS 747s. VH-OJL sn 25151, was stored at VCV from May 2014, however was ferried VCV-MCI Kansas on 30th July 2020 as N 953JM for Jet Midwest. So not sure if this is for parts or being returned to service, time will tell.

Matt Falcus August 7, 2020 - 10:30 am

Thanks Mervyn! Updated.


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