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Book Review – The Secret Life of an Airport

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This new title from Key Publishing and AirportSpotting.com contributor Martyn Cartledge is a departure from the usual books looking at particular airlines or aircraft types.

The Secret Life of an Airport: Airside – A Look Behind the Scenes takes the reader and those curious about those places we fly through, and often hang around as enthusiasts, and uncovers just how they work and what goes on behind the scenes.

Martyn has been covering commercial aviation as a writer for many years, and so has had many opportunities to work with airports and witness how they operate and ensure a safe and efficient conduit for air transport, whether for passengers or freight.

This book looks at many of the different aspects of airports. Chapters include: Airport Operations, Bird Scaring, Apron Control, Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services, Air Traffic Control, Freight Operations, VIP transport, Security and Border Control, Passenger Services, Animal Transportation, Aircraft Turnaround and Signs, Lines & Markings.

Through interesting text and a wide selection of over a hundred photographs taken from Martyn’s many visits to airside and behind scenes locations, you really get a sense of just how complex airports are and learn a lot about just how the whole thing comes together.

Martyn has achieved an interesting cross-over with this book. As someone who has travelled a lot and understands airports fairly well, I still learned a lot by reading this book and found it really interesting as an enthusiast.

Conversely, this book is also a great way in to understanding airports for more casual readers and those who want to learn more about airports; it’s also a great book for younger readers who are showing an interest in aviation.


The Secret Life of an Airport: Airside – A Look Behind the Scenes

This book is 128 pages and available now from Key Publishing and other good aviation stockists.

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