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Christmas Gift Ideas for Aviation Enthusiasts

by Matt Falcus

Looking for ideas for Christmas presents to satisfy the aviation geek? Here’s a range of recommended products to ask for this year:


Flightradar24 subscription


Probably the most useful and widely used app and website by aviation enthusiasts, and the one that has brought our hobby into the mainstream thanks to peoples’ fascination with it, Flightradar24 is an amazing tool for identifying the aircraft flying overhead.

A subscription gives you greater access, such as information about the aircraft on the ground at airports, and lots of data on airline fleets and individual aircraft.

It’s available on the web with pricing options here: https://www.flightradar24.com/premium

And also on the Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/flightradar24-free/id382233851

Android Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flightradar24free


Justplanes Videos

Justplanes have an incredible range of airport and cockpit videos for the aviation enthusiast which bring you closer to the action from the comfort of your own home. View the full range here: http://www.justplanes.com/

We recommend:

Tokyo Narita World Airport: https://shop.justplanes.com/gb/WORLD-AIRPORT-Tokyo-Narita-DVD/p/136717

Egyptair 787-9: https://shop.justplanes.com/gb/Egyptair-787-9/p/135419



Cameras and Videos

Taking pictures of aircraft is a major part of our hobby. We recommend new cameras like:

Canon EOS 6D Mark II


Nikon D750


You may also wish to join the masses taking videos of the flights you’re on. The new GoPro Hero 7 is the perfect action camera to do this:


Airport Spotting Books

Our own range of books are very popular with enthusiasts. Whether it’s our guides to spotting at airports, our nostalgic look at aircraft in days gone by, or our useful reference guides, there’s something for everyone. See the full range here: https://destinworld.com/product-category/aviation/


Airport Spotting Guides Europe (3rd Edition): https://destinworld.com/product/airport-spotting-guides-europe-3rd-edition/

Airport Spotting Guides USA (2nd Edition): https://destinworld.com/product/airport-spotting-guides-usa-2nd-edition/

Flying Firsts – Airliner Reference Guide: https://destinworld.com/product/flying-firsts/

Lost Airline Colours of Europe: https://destinworld.com/product/lost-airline-colours-of-europe-timelines/



Some other great books for aviation enthusiasts this year include the following recommended titles:

20 West by Steve Ford (read our review)

The lift of an airline pilot and aircraft engineer flying some of Britain’s most memorable airlines.


Heathrow – 70 Years and Counting by Kevan James (read our review)

Describing the history of Britain’s busiest airport and the stories behind it from someone who was there.


British Overseas Airways Corporation – A History, by Graham M Simons (read our review)

With this being the 100th anniversary of British Airways, this is a great book charting the history of its famous forerunner, BOAC, written by one of the best aviation authors around.


Jetliners of the Red Star

Now available in paperback, a nostalgic look at the Soviet-era aircraft in operation behind the iron curtain.

Order here






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