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Prototype of New Ilyushin Il-96 Takes Flight

by Matt Falcus

The new, extended and upgraded variant of the Ilyushin Il-96 has taken flight for the first time at Voronezh is Russia.

Featuring a fuselage stretch over the original Il-96 the new airliner sees Russia turning to its own passenger airliner development once again as sanctions mean its airlines are no longer able to obtain Western-built aircraft.

“The Il-96-400M wide-body long-range airplane has completed its first flight,” the Russian government said. “Stability and controllability of the aircraft, operability of systems, the powerplant and landing approach radio equipment were tested during the flight,” the Cabinet said.

Russia is no longer part of the joint project to develop the CR929 airliner with China, and so is looking to the new Il-96 to satisfy the future needs of its airlines for a long-haul, widebody type.

It is anticipated that the Il-96-400M will have a range of 8,000km with a capacity for up to 370 passengers.


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