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The Final Airbus A380 Airframe Has Been Assembled

by Matt Falcus

Spotted at Toulouse Airport recently was the final Airbus A380 airframe to be built.

Intended for Emirates, the aircraft is the 272nd off the production line and the last that will be built following the cancellation of the A380 programme once the current orderbook was completed.

With many of the world’s A380 operators choosing to park their aircraft amid the downturn in aviation following the Covid-19 pandemic, the future of the aircraft suddenly began looking quite bleak.

A380 fleets have already been retired by Air France, with Lufthansa also announcing its aircraft will also be retired.

Other airlines like Qantas, British Airways, Korean Air, Eithad, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines have all parked their A380s for the time being.

Emirates continues to operate its A380s on a reduced schedule, but with the delivery of the last aircraft, it brings home the unfortunate reality that such huge aircraft do not have much demand in today’s airline industry.



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