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Book Review – The Aviation Quiz Book

by Matt Falcus

A new book out this year from Key Publishing and Pen & Sword is the Aviation Quiz Book – From Airbus to Zeppelin, by Khalem Chapman and Martin Needham.

Sure to delight any aviation enthusiast this Christmas, this is a thick and fully illustrated colour book of 256 pages, and hundreds of quizzes.

  • What aircraft is pictured here?
  • What was the first jet aircraft to join the Monarch fleet?
  • What airline does this tail livery belong to?
  • What is the munition pictured here?
  • Which air arm does this roundel belong to?
  • On which aircraft would you find this flight deck?

These are just some of the types of questions you’ll find in the book, which is split into three sections: Historic Aviation, Commercial Aviation and Military Aviation.

Within each, there are Easy, Medium, Hard and Advanced questions.

As someone who surrounds myself with aviation and soaks up knowledge on the subject, even I found some of them pretty challenging (and others satisfyingly easy!).

But rest assured, there’s a full Answers section at the back to check whether you got them right or not!

Out now, you can buy a copy of the Aviation Quiz Book – From Airbus to Zeppelin (priced £14.99 / US $24.95) from all good aviation book retailers, as well as Key Publishing and Pen & Sword websites.





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