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Flight Envelopes by Steve Ford – Book Review

by Matt Falcus

You may remember the name Steve Ford from a review of a book I wrote last year.

The book was 20 West, (you can read the review here) and it covered the life of this interesting guy who has worked both as an aircraft engineer and pilot with major airlines like British Caledonian and Virgin Atlantic.

Well, Steve has followed this up by a new book which is quite different, but still interesting nontheless.


Flight Envelopes

To give its full title, the new book is called Flight Envelopes: Philisophy of flight as viewed from within the aviation and aerospace industry.

As this suggests, it is a narrative about aspects of commercial aviation and aerospace as viewed from within the industry.

The book is quite short, at only 80 pages. It comprises 24 different stories and observations made by Steve both from recent years and the present day.

These opinion pieces are around 500 to 600 words each, and can be read in any order. Some were previously published as articles in Aviation Business Middle East, where Steve was a contributor.

Topics covered in Flight Envelopes include training, aircraft systems, engineering, aircraft manufacturers (including Boeing and the 737 MAX), airlines and even the space industry.

These are all opinion pieces, technical in content, and in Steve’s blurb he states ‘Freedom of speech is a precious commodity as is freedom of flight’ and his ‘intention not to challenge, but stimulate healthy debate’.

The pieces are certainly interesting and thought-provoking, given from the perspective of someone who knows this industry intimately and now has the freedom to express his opinions, which might be challenging to read for some.


Flight Envelopes is available both in paperback (£4.99) and eBook (£1.99) formats at Amazon.

You can find out more about it from the website http://www.flightenvelopesbook.com/




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