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Travelling to the US? – New Rules 0

Travelling to the US? – New Rules

From today (12 January 09) there are new rules about entering the US from places such as the UK. Whereas previously you filled out a green Visa Waiver (I-94) form before landing, you now...

Airlines We Lost in 2008 0

Airlines We Lost in 2008

Crankyflier blog has posted an interesting list of airlines we lost in 2008 for various reasons in his blog. See it at:

Heathrow Visitors Centre Charges 0

Heathrow Visitors Centre Charges

It seems the spotter-friendly scrooges at London Heathrow have come up with a fantastic scheme to encourage people to use their visitors centre, and to encourage the spotter community in general. The prices to...

Heathrow A380 Movements 1

Heathrow A380 Movements

London Heathrow has become one of the best places to see the current variety of Airbus A380 aircraft currently in operation. At the moment, Emirates and Singapore Airlines serve Heathrow at least 1x daily...

Zurich Deck/Tours Closed Briefly 0

Zurich Deck/Tours Closed Briefly

There is no access to the viewing deck or bus tours at Zurich Airport until February 2009 due to building work. Keep an eye on this link for information on the bus tours and...

Visiting Phoenix or Arizona Storage Airports? 0

Visiting Phoenix or Arizona Storage Airports?

If you plan on visiting Phoneix, or any of the nearby storage airports, then I can’t reccommend this link enough: It is run by spotters at Phoneix and covers all the comings and...

New York Airports Spotting Website 0

New York Airports Spotting Website

I just came across a great website for the spotting community around New York City. It has guides and maps to all the main airports there, and many other interesting and useful bits of...

Spotting at the Superbowl 2009 – Tampa 0

Spotting at the Superbowl 2009 – Tampa

Are you planning on going to Tampa for the Superbowl? If so, you’ll be in for a treat with the hundreds of biz movements expected, on top of the usual airliners and good weather....

Newquay Airport Closures 0

Newquay Airport Closures

Newquay Airport in Cornwall will be closed from today until at least the 19th December. This is following the closure of the military side of the airport. Newquay Airport’s code is now EGHQ (formerly...

Miami Airport Spotting Hotel 1

Miami Airport Spotting Hotel

If you’re heading to Miami Airport for some spotting, I recommend this hotel to you. The Red Roof Inn has generally good views over the northern part of the airport, in particular the aircraft...